I want to eat something that tastes the way it feels to have pink flamingos placed in my room and my car for me to notice and think about every once in a while and how brightly-colored they are

Tonight!! And free~
(Flier made by the best bob, his project is Junior Bob if you want to listen them.)

Tonight!! And free~
(Flier made by the best bob, his project is Junior Bob if you want to listen them.)

Good morning, or afternoon. It’s the first day of fall, I think, Sunday, September 21st, 2014, at 12:31pm.

Last night at work, Max and I were closing and got out on the later side. It was the busiest night I’ve worked that I can think of.  That isn’t saying much, considering I’ve worked a lot of dead nights—-but needless to say, it was more non-stop dishwashing than I’m used to. I guess it’s really not that terrible though, because of the people I work with.  Maybe we enjoy complaining about how much we want to leave, and then throwing frozen green beans at each other and forgetting all about it.
Even though it was really busy, it slowed down enough toward the end that we were able to close to the public earlier than usual—around 9 instead of 10.  Once the kitchen closed and everyone else left, Max and I kept finding stuff left out all over the kitchen that we had to wash. I guess it was just an off night and everyone left stuff out without thinking about it. So we didn’t finish up until closer to 11:30pm regardless of the early closing.
After that, Brian and I were the last ones. He can’t leave until Max and I leave, and he always helps us close, so I like to wait for him and walk out together.  Earlier that day when I got to work, Rivka gave me some champagne that some customers brought in for themselves and left unfinished on their table. After we finished up, I mixed it with some orange juice and sat outside talking with Brian and drinking it for probably an hour.  I owe him a couple of drinks, so it seemed like a good idea.  We talked about lots of things, one of them was how when we say we miss working an old job, or being in a different place, we are usually just talking about missing the people more than anything else.

We said good-bye and hugged, and then I got on my bike to go home.  A lot of my friends avoid biking down South St. because it’s crowded with drunk people especially on the weekends, but I like it.  It’s like watching a play, I mean, biking through a big set where sometimes the actors interact with you.  Sometimes they’re scumbags and sometimes they’re nice or funny.  The best things thing that got said to me last night was “Who says you can’t pop a wheelie? 12 o’ clock that shit!”

After 15 blocks, I usually turn down 6th to go home, but there was so much going on that I went, and slowly, until I got to 2nd.  Riding down 2nd it occurred to me that I could follow it straight to the 2nd St Brew House to visit Hector and potentially acquire a couple of free drinks.  Hector always bartends there Saturday nights and insists on giving out a couple of drinks.  I’ve run into Matt Quackenbush there more than once, too, so I figured either way I’d have someone to talk to.  While I locked up my bike up outside, there was a mass exodus of drunken early-30-somethings in cocktail dresses and suit jackets.  I held the door open for a couple of them without realizing that I would be holding it for a line of people behind them, but I was happy to do it, but some of them looked at me confused and said Thank You and made faces and looked around.  One of them had a giant dick balloon.

Inside I went up to the bar and didn’t see Hector.  I asked the other bartender if Hector was working, and he seemed annoyed and said “No he has off” and walked away.  Later I asked that bartender his name and he said it was Joey.  I walked through the bar and looked around to see if I knew anyone, and since I didn’t, I thought about what to do for 30 seconds or so.  I decided I should still be an appreciative customer and give the place business since I’ve gotten so many free drinks there.  I ordered a city wide from Joey and the shot looked pretty big, so I drank it in two parts.  A guy who is usually there with Matt was sitting at the bar across the way, we waved to each other and said “hi.”  When I met him originally a month or two ago, he had a raccoon penis bone that he let us look at, and Sally said “that’s right up April’s ally” and laughed a lot.  I thought about going over to talk to him more, but I couldn’t remember his name and decided to go to the Ms. Pac-Man machine.
The Pac-Man machine had other games I had never heard of which I was really happy about.  There was one called “Dig Dug” and one called “(something)’s Castle.”  After playing a few different ones I settled on one called “Ladybug.” It’s pretty much like Pac-Man but it has bugs and vegetables, and the deaths don’t chase you around, they’re just stationary and you have to avoid them and lead the bad bugs to them if you can.  I liked playing an old game that was totally new to me.  I got the high score, but I don’t think that means anything since I’ve never seen anyone playing the machine before.
Sometimes this drunk guy would come over and talk to me, and lately I feel hyper-aware of people talking to me like I have no idea what’s going on and like they need to enlighten me because I’m a girl, or like they think they should be benevolent and generous by painting on me like I’m a blank canvas that needs someone else to give it substance, and that’s how I felt when this guy talked to me, even though he was trying to be nice.  I guess I tried to be short with him so he would leave me alone.  Sometimes I went over to the jukebox and put on Patsy Cline songs and sang while I played Ladybug.

It was after 1am when I got to the bar originally, so I did this for 40 minutes or so before the bar closed.  Joey the bartender was in a bad mood because he was probably tired of dealing with drunk people, and before I left I showed him this 2 dollar bill I had and asked him what he thought about 2 dollar bills.  He seemed annoyed again at first, but then he said that his grandfather or someone liked them and kept them as nice things.  He said that same person whoever it was had a big collection, and that it was probably worth a lot of money.

The shot and two tall cans managed to get me drunk, and when I got home and brought my bike in, I knocked it over and thought it was funny.  I drank water and felt hungry and played Bioshock Infinite for a little bit.  I forgot I was drunk and that playing an FPS is hard for me like that, but I just had to relearn the controls and then it was fun again.  I still got bored kind of quickly and realized I wanted to go to Wawa.  When I got there the computers were down which I’ve never experienced before, so lots of people were waiting to order their food on the touch screens, and the sandwich guys were telling everyone that they didn’t know how long it would take until it was fixed. Less than a minute later it was fine and everyone started touching the screens again.  I touched one and ordered a sandwich with chicken on it, which I wasn’t sure about.  When I got my order one of the guys who makes the sandwiches asked me where Sally was.  I told him she was in New York for a show that she’s doing, and he said Why doesn’t she just move there already? I said I know, I know, and told him she probably will move there when she’s done with school. I said “I don’t know what I’m going to do if she moves to New York though, she’s like my wife, like tonight I didn’t even know what to do.” I might have been joking or maybe not.  He said “You’ll move there, too” like it’s a fact of life, or an easy fix.  It was all light-hearted and kind of nice, but then I walked to my bike and thought about Sally moving to New York and what I would do, really.

At home I ate and drank more water and I put on Rushmore.  I laughed out loud at parts, like when Max and Miss Cross are in the library and it goes like this:

-Max: The truth is, neither one of us has the slightest idea where this relationship is going. We can’t predict the future.

-Miss Cross: (laughs) We don’t have a relationship, Max.

-Max: But we’re friends.

-Miss Cross: Yes, and that’s all we’re going to be.

-Max: That’s all I meant by “relationship.” Do you want me to grab a dictionary?

I realized I was basically falling asleep about a third of the way through, and I decided to leave the movie on and close my eyes.  Usually I hate falling asleep with movies on, because I don’t like hearing a movie without seeing it too.  It feels too incomplete and like it’s the wrong thing to do.  But I know Rushmore too well, so listening to it is nice, and I can envision each scene based on the dialogue I am hearing.  So I know I’m not missing anything or under appreciating each scene as a whole, and that’s all that would really bug me about it normally.


This is my bandmate Zane, follow his tumblr for cool shows in Philly—
He does a reallyreally great job of supporting/exposing some special local musicians, helping out great touring bands, and organizing shows that are incredibly cohesive and full of unique talent—sometimes incorporating performances that remind you that “music” and “performance” are concepts that can be explored in infinitely interesting ways, as many ways as there are great intelligent beautiful freak weirdos out there doing what they do.


I recently decided to make a space on the internet specifically for information related to shows I book and curate in and around the Philadelphia area. In the past I have operated under relative anonymity with respect to the shows I book and have used flyers and word-of-mouth as primary means for…